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Sunday, October 24, 2010


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Hi Lloyd.

I certainly remember Mooddial but a lot more fondly than you. I used to love it. I remember finding it exciting and thrilling not scary. It was quite odd. I liked the secret garden aspect of it as that was a book I loved at the time. I think I read the moondial book too. I found it excellent escapism and fantasy, I'd be really annoyed if I missed an episode. It had a grandfather clock that the face on it spun weirdly or something at the ghostly hour...can't remember much more except she would go outside through a garden gate and the ghostly children would come and they would play together and there was a special bird, perhaps a robin that would come, though I may be remembering that from my secret garden book illustrations instead. I thought you were a fair bit older than me but I dont think you can be if you remember moondial so well as I think I was about 10 when it was on. What did use to scare me shitless however was willo the wisp, not the whole show, I loved it but evil edna the evil TV. Also Watership Down, as yet the scariest film I have ever seen.

Take care
Maddy x

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